Régine supports efforts to strengthen public safety and will work closely with law enforcement, public safety agencies and other stakeholders to identify opportunities for greater efficiency. Régine will create policies to strengthen partnerships between government, the business community and local non-profit organizations to focus on public safety training, equipment and additional resources through federal grants and other sources of funding. Strong communities include a strong justice system and Régine will work with the Judiciary to build on their successes, address backlog in the courts, support Juvenile Justice Reform and other priorities.

In collaboration with Village Mayors and other stakeholders, Régine supports engaging families at the village level in support of neighborhood watch groups to prevent crime and strengthen our community.

  1. Dorothy Chavez says:

    Hi Regine,

    Thanks for organizing your objectives for public safety, which for me also represents traffic safety. Cars and their drivers have risen to the thousands since I arrived back in the ’90s. People are not educated properly in the skills of driving (I’ve lived in the UK, US, and kids in NZ and soon Australia); DUI is not appropriately enforced, red lights not adhered to, I understand unlicensed drivers are constantly on the road.

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