Régine shares many in the community’s concern for public safety to include crime prevention and emergency response. As a mother, she wants to ensure children and all others in our community are safe – at home, at school, at the beach and in public spaces. A major part of this effort is ensuring that our justice system is strong and effective in deterring future crime.

In collaboration with village mayors and other stakeholders, Régine supports engaging families at the village level in support of neighborhood watch groups to prevent crime and strengthen our community.

She has supported and co-sponsored measures to strengthen our public safety agencies and bring justice to those in violation of the law. She will continue to work closely with law enforcement, public safety agencies, non-profits and other stakeholders to strengthen partnerships and identify opportunities for greater efficiency. Régine will work toward policies to provide needed training, equipment and resources to our public safety entities through federal grants and other sources of funding.

She will also work with the Judiciary to build on their successes, address backlog in the courts, and support juvenile justice reform.


  • Crime prevention
  • Emergency response support
  • Juvenile justice reform

Régine’s work toward building stronger communities:
Bills Passed into Law
– (Co-sponsor) Bill 175/Public Law 34-62 – Ensures that Guam’s family violence laws are enforceable and that family violence cases are successfully prosecuted

Bills Introduced
– (Co-sponsor) Bill 251-34 – Implements and amends fees and charges assessed by the Guam Fire Department