Healthy Families



Régine believes the strongest foundation upon which to build any initiative is healthy families and a healthy Guam. When our people are physically healthy and well, all can thrive and avail of more opportunities. And when our environment is clean, protected and sustainable, we can safeguard our health and pursue our livelihoods.

Local families are enduring hardship when it comes to access to affordable health care, and a focus on disease prevention and early intervention remains a critical need on our island. Additionally, our communities and livelihoods are increasingly threatened and surrounded by contamination from improper waste disposal and environmentally harmful practices.

Régine has sponsored and supported measures that support schools, working families, women’s health, and the environment, and she looks to continue on this path, engaging stakeholders in exploring policies that will promote sustainable practices and healthy lifestyles from early childhood through senior generations.


  • Access to health and mental health care
  • Disease prevention
  • Sustainable and environmentally responsible practices


Régine’s work toward Healthy Families and a Healthy Guam:

Bills Passed into Law

  • Bill 94-34/Public Law 34-29: Appropriated $150,000 from the FY2017 General Fund to the Guam Department of Education for the maintenance and repair of schools
  • Bill 117-34/Public Law 34-40: Amended the Family & Medical Leave Act to include job-protected bereavement leave for Guam families
  • Bill 118-34/Public Law 34-41: Clarified the size of employer to which the Family & Medical Leave Act applies
  • Bill 268-34/Public Law 34-110: “CHOOSE TO REUSE: MUNGNGA MA AYEK I PLASTEK ACT OF 2018.”: Incentivizes the use of reusable bags over one-time use plastic carryout bags

Bills Introduced

  • Bill 264-34 “Working Families Relief Act”: Exempts basic necessities like groceries, diapers, medicine and feminine hygiene products from the impending sales tax
  • (In progress) A bill to update the minimum workers’ compensation rates for the first time in 30 years
  • (Co-sponsor) Bill 227-34: Ensures breast cancer screening coverage is included in Guam health insurance/benefit plans
  • (Co-sponsor) Bill 194-34: Funds the purchase of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine
  • (Co-sponsor) Bill 158-34/Public Law 34-65: Allows greater options relative to choice of middle name and surname on a marriage license application
  • (Co-sponsor) Bill 120-34: Sets an entry fee for dogs and cats imported to Guam to establish a fund that would implement an island-wide spay/neuter program