As a small-business owner who has assisted other small businesses reach their potential, Régine knows the challenges of starting and sustaining a business in Guam. She believes in finding ways to better support our businesses and to encourage the development of new industries as a means of diversifying the economy and opportunities for our people.

A necessary part of growing any industry is a strong workforce, and Régine believes we need to focus on inspiring and building the next generation of talent. Children, as well as the current workforce, need to be better informed about the spectrum of jobs available, in particular those that are in high demand.

As a continuation of her voting record and legislation authored and co-sponsored in support of economic growth initiatives, Régine will continue to bring public and private stakeholders together to find comprehensive strategies.


  • Improve business processes using innovation and technology
  • Encourage new industries and support local entrepreneurs
  • Build a talent pipeline & empowering our youth
  • Prioritize professional development and training to strengthen our workforce

Régine’s work toward growing our economy:

  • Bill 250/Public Law – Increases the foreign worker fee to fund Guam Department of Labor and key training and apprenticeship programs
  • (Co-sponsor) Bill 167/Public Law 34-75 – Directs the Guam Visitors Bureau to develop and publish an RFI toward developing a cruise industry
  • (Introduced) Bill 288-34 (LS) – A bill to update the minimum workers’ compensation rates for the first time in 30 years